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Beatrice Barzaghi Bach tremblant.

gold-diamond necklace and earrings

Beatrice Barzaghi Bach tremblant.

gold-diamond necklace and earrings


The personalized talisman-jewel comes from my sensitivity for the recipient of the jewel. My intention is to give the wearers of the jewel the energy they need to release their gifts and fulfil their existential journey.


The custom-made jewel is created differently from time to time:

Sometimes, the design of the jewel comes to me in a dream;

Beatrice Barzaghi rotating Essence ring.


other times, it comes from a passionate request for a stone, which as a gemologist I have to search for at selected mines or dealers;

Beatrice Barzaghi Vega ring.


Zambia emeralds search.

Sometimes, it comes from a family jewel, which conveys the energies of the beloved who has worn it for a long time;

Family antique ring.

Beatrice Barzaghi Caterina ring.

sometimes it arises from a bond of love that one wants to translate into matter;

Beatrice Barzaghi Bach necklace.


Beatrice Barzaghi Marco tennista brooch.


Beatrice Barzaghi infinite life cufflinks.


Other times, it is based on kinesiological testing of a series of stones and, after identifying those having a positive energetic effect, we proceed to devising the jewel;

Result of a kinesiological test of the stones.

Roughs of different qualities to compare to cut to size.

Study for the modelling of the Maura Sonoro pendant.

sometimes, it’s a mix of inspiration coming from the person, from dreams, from stones belonging to families and from other sources that have to be searched and tested to create the perfect talisman;

Beatrice Barzaghi Paola earrings.


In two cases, inspiration has resulted from the acquaintance of two scientists – artists Emiliano Toso and Alfredo Bigogno, both sharing my purpose of bringing well-being.

If the idea is replicable, the client may choose to include the jewel in my collections and give me the opportunity to produce it in a similar way.

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