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Beatrice Barzaghi rotating Essence ring.


Meeting Emanuela Casadei Giunchi

Emanuela Casadei Giunchi discovers the Essence rotating ring she inspired.


has had a fundamental importance for my life and my work. Fabio, her husband and dear friend, gave me the book written by Emanuela “Tutto è perfetto”.

“Everything is perfect” by Emanuela Casadei Giunchi.

I didn’t know her at the time. Her book has allowed me to understand the meaning of my previous jewelry and has inspired the names of my two collections: Struggle is the one modelled by lost wax, connected to our earthly path and Enlightenment is the one modelled by CAD, related to our divine part. After reading the book the design of the Essence ring came to me in a dream, representing Emanuela’s human and divine path to Enlightenment. This ring was meant to help her in making her wonderful mediumistic gift, from which the book was born available to mankind. I asked Fabio for Emanuela’s phone number and sent her a message in which I wrote that I had dreamt of a ring for her. In reply, she asked me for a drawing; but I kept it clear in my mind. After the summer, Fabio came back to me and asked me to make the ring as I had dreamt of it, without even seeing a drawing. I finally met Emanuela; we immediately became friends and decided to present the book and the ring together at the first exhibition I was to hold. I collected the ring half an hour before the exhibition, put it in the window and when Emanuela arrived I was afraid to show it to her. My joy and emotion were great when I saw her light up and moved at the sight of the ring.

That ring has special energies (“it lives a life of its own”). During the exhibition, a visitor noticed the similarity with Expo’s tree of life (whose meaning it also shared)

Tree of life, Expo 2015 Milan.

and suggested that I present it in that context. To my surprise, and despite the fact that I had been told that it would be difficult to get into Expo, in September I was invited by the organizer of the exhibitions I usually attend to exhibit my jewels in the Lombardy pavilion at Expo.

Emanuela Casadei Giunchi and Beatrice Barzaghi present the book “Tutto è perfetto” (Everything is perfect) and the Essence ring at Expo 2015.


Beatrice Barzaghi Vega ring.


I first met Jago and Alison in London during the christening of a mutual friend’s son and, when I went to study at GIA in New York, Alison wrote to me “bring your blings!”.

I felt honored by the invitation to Alison’s birthday party and was thrilled and moved when Jago asked her to marry him.

In the meantime, between classes at GIA, my hunt for the emeralds 

Emeralds hunt.

that Jago had asked me for the engagement ring and earrings had begun. Their search allowed me to meet new American suppliers introduced by my fellow students and to slalom between different perceptions of color, the most important factor in choosing these wonderful gems. It made me happy to be able to find the emeralds that enchanted both Jago and Alison and to know that the symbol of their love also reflected my energy.


Beatrice Barzaghi ring Caterina.



Caterina wears the ring Caterina.

arrived with her mum who wanted to give her a family jewel

Microscope photo of the gem mounted on Caterina’s family ring.

for a special birthday. She wanted the gemstone to be mounted in a modern way. The beautiful Caterina inspired me a ring with a special wear. Although the stone is a considerable size, the ring fits gracefully into the anatomy of the hand.

Freehand sketch of the Caterina ring.


Beatrice Barzaghi Antonella pendant.

gold – star rose quartz

The Antonella pendant originated from her desire to wear her parents’ wedding rings to always have their love energies close by.

Result of the kinesiological test carried out on Antonella.

The choice of the star rose quartz was the result of the kinesiological test.

Beatrice performs the kinesiological test of the stones.

This stone is connected to the energies of the heart and represents Antonella embraced by the love of her parents.

Antonella pendant sketch.


Beatrice Barzaghi Bach necklace and earrings.


Beatrice Barzaghi Marco tennis brooch.


I first met Marco and Petra during a tennis course; I immediately thought they were a wonderful couple but I was amazed by their level of harmony: each of them, unbeknownst to each other, asked me to create a personalized piece of jewelry for the other. Marco asked me to create a matching necklace and earrings inspired by the Bach sonata played by his daughter at her first concert and we designed it together;

Bach sonata designed by Marco.

it was a continuous and exciting mutual exchange. I modelled the treble clef on Marco’s drawing and proposed lost wax and tremblant lines to represent the musical vibration.

Wax model of the Bach necklace.

I proposed brilliant-cut diamonds for their property of strengthening the bond of a couple, attracting abundance and being a powerful energy amplifier that gives strength and courage.

Petra asked me to create a jacket brooch and the design came from a photo taken of Marco while he was playing tennis.

Photo from which the Marco Tennis brooch was born.

I proposed to model the brooch with lost wax

Wax model of the Marco Tennis brooch.

because I feel the representation of the body is linked to our earthly life and the reproduction of the athletic gesture is the pure expression of physical energy. The brilliant-cut diamond is the tennis ball and was chosen by analogy to the above description.


Unheated pink sapphire and natural rubellite selected following kinesiological test.

I first met Ida during a meditation course; later she attended my lecture ‘Gems and Jewelry: Science and Magic of Matter’. I had just rediscovered my being sensitive to the energies of stones and people, and proposed to the participants to contribute to the development of my practical knowledge by undergoing a kinesiological test of about seventy stones. Ida was one of the first to participate and was struck by the forward imbalance that a rubellite and an untreated pink sapphire from Ceylon had on her. She asked me to mount the two gems on a necklace and a ring and after wearing them for two months, to my surprise, she came back to me and said: “it can only be your stones: I have solved my problems”.

That moment was the confirmation of my intent in creating jewelry: I could only create it to help people, it had to be beneficial.


Beatrice Barzaghi Paola earrings.

gold-no heat rubies-sapphires

Paola came to me with the earrings with aquamarines received from her mother for her eighteenth birthday.

Looking for the perfect match for Paola’s earrings with aquamarines.

She had never worn them but, being fond of their meaning, she asked me to modify them and create something special. I proposed her some earrings with a particular balance,

Studies for the realization of Paola’s earrings.

inspired by a flowery branch climbing on her ear. I proposed the lost wax technique because I perceived Paola’s need to be rooted.

Design and wax model of Paola’s asymmetrical earrings.

The gems we have chosen to complete the blossoming buds are magnificent untreated natural sapphires of different colors coming from my friend’s mine in Ceylon.

Microscope photo of an unheated pink sapphire from Balangoda mine, Sri Lanka.

The choice was preceded by a kinesiological compatibility test.

Paola undergoes a kinesiological gem test.

In particular, we chose the blue sapphire to facilitate self-expression, the pink sapphire to remove emotional blocks and the ruby to encourage passion for life.


Beatrice Barzaghi Infinita Vita cufflinks.


My father Giosuè was about to turn 80 and my brother Michele and I decided to give him the Infinite Life Cufflinks,

Giosuè wears the Infinita Vita cufflinks.

whose design came to my mind in a dream inspired by my father’s personality. The 8 would have become the mathematical symbol of infinity, the 0 would have become the circle of life and therefore the meaning of those cufflinks was the wish for “Infinite Life” addressed to Giosuè; for this reason, I made the infinity in white gold and with the cad technique, which symbolizes our divine part, while I made the circle of life in rose gold with the lost wax technique, since it corresponds to our earthly part.


Liliana clasp.

gold-diamonds-coral necklace

My mother Liliana, a woman of infinite sweetness and love, was about to celebrate her birthday and I created a necklace clasp for her, whose design recalled the initials of her children and her husband.

Studio for design and wax model of the Liliana clasp.

I made it with lost wax because it represents the summary of her earthly life and conveys the love of the three of us.


Beatrice Barzaghi Onda Titti bracelet.


Titti came to me because she wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday with a special gift. She had seen one of my rings on her cousin and asked me to create her a bracelet inspired by the sea.

Inspiration to model Onda Titti bracelet.

Beatrice Barzaghi bracelet Onda Titti.


At that time, I was living and studying like crazy at the GIA in London, but I liked the idea so much that I worked at night and on weekends to create the Onda bracelet.

Phase of study and preliminary research: rough Tanzanite stone in which to cut a wave of the sea.

At that time I discovered the sound stones of the sculptor Pinuccio Sciola and since then I have not abandoned the idea of creating a bracelet that, in addition to having the shape of the waves of the sea, also has its sound. That’s why I learnt how to cut gems and, in front of the wide-open eyes of my excellent teacher Andrea Vaia, I ‘sliced’ a rough jadeite. Sooner or later, I will succeed in creating a sea sounding wave bracelet. In the meantime, I start with the sound pendant.

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