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Beatrice Barzaghi bracelet Gemini.

gold – diamonds

Beatrice Barzaghi bracelet Gemini.

gold – diamonds


Gold and precious stones have always symbolized the energy of the Sun, nature and absolute power.

Gold nugget in quartz matrix.

Exceptional rough Ceylon yellow sapphire.

Gold nugget in quartz matrix; exceptional rough Ceylon yellow sapphire.

Their symbolic and economic value endures over the millennia, accompanying family dynasties. The gems are imbued with the energies of those who wore them and pass them on to the subsequent owners.

Family gem reassembled on the Caterina ring.

It is a privilege to work with the precious stones that have accompanied the lives of families over the centuries, because it is as if I became part of their stories; as well as it is a privilege to work with quality stones freshly extracted from the earth and not treated by man and therefore extremely rare.

Rough blue sapphires and rubies freshly extracted from the Balangoda mine, Sri Lanka.

It is exciting to personally search for colored stones in guaranteed mines, where the purity of their energy is not affected by any form of violence, child labor or abuse;

Corundum mine, Sri Lanka.

or to search border markets for them.

It is an exciting challenge to find the most suitable diamond for each customer,

Blue diamond and pink diamond.

from fancy colored to the more classic white,

White diamond.

whose purity is guaranteed by the Kimberly Process and whose gemological characteristics are certified by leading gemological laboratories.

Selecting gems is a journey into beauty.

Beatrice selects gems at the Balangoda Mine, Sri Lanka.

It is priceless to see a gemstone start to glow with its own light as I cut it.

Rough stone and stone cut by Beatrice.

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