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The Essence ring gives off vibrations like water subjected to a frequency of 11 Hz.

The Essence ring gives off vibrations like water subjected to a frequency of 11 Hz.


My jewels summarize and materialize certain concepts that help us on our journey of self-knowledge, to reach our Essential Being.

To understand ourselves, we have to go beyond appearances, we have to change our point of view on reality.

New point of view: planet Earth turned upside down from the usual representation.

I changed the appearance of matter by observing it with new eyes and by deeply understanding the technical characteristics of the gemstone. In this case I enhanced the brilliance of the stone above by setting a pavé of brilliant cut diamonds underneath. Vogue Italia Who’s on next 2007 award Ed. Condenast.

Beatrice Barzaghi Vega ring.


I created a new earring clasp so that it can be worn in different ways. Maestri del Gioiello award year 2017.

Beatrice Barzaghi Gemini Cascata earrings worn in two different ways.

gold-ice diamonds

In order to really get to know each other, we have to go beyond the classic schemes and appreciate the asymmetries, the peculiarities that make each of us unique.

Beatrice Barzaghi asymmetric Sirio earrings.


Our journey of knowledge is constantly evolving, which is why I create jewels that move and change shape, supporting their wearer’s evolution and self-fulfilment;

I recognize and respect the Divine Spark: the Essence that permeates matter and unites our earthly reality and our divine nature. Our journey is accomplished through successive vibrational leaps triggered by the vibrations emanated by the shape of the jewels:

those radiated by Struggle‘s lost wax technique are earthy, material and represent our journey of knowledge in this life.

Beatrice Barzaghi Halley pendant earthly vibrations.


Those released by Enlightenment‘s computer modelling technique are ethereal, cosmic and represent our approach to the Divine.

Beatrice Barzaghi Saturno ring ethereal vibrations.


The transition from one vibrational stage to another consists in passing through a phase of nigredo (crisis) to then reach a new wonderful equilibrium.

I create jewels that have a particular balance, that almost seem to defy the law of gravity.

Beatrice Barzaghi Saturno peculiar balance earrings.


Stones and metals are energy accumulators that lend us the energies and vibrations we need to move on to the next vibrational stage and get closer to our Essential Being.

Beatrice Barzaghi Infinite Magic of Stones pendant gold-interchangeable stone spheres facilitate the vibrational leap.

The Infinite Magic of Stones pendant and the Sound pendant allow you to replace the gem inside them as your energy needs change.

Beatrice Barzaghi rotating Sonoro Pendant with interchangeable.

stone spheres gold-citrine-sodalite-hematite-aventurine-rose quartz-carnelian-tiger’s eye

The concentric circles of the Sonoro pendant represent our successive evolutionary stages.

I get in tune with the person and the material to create a jewel that enhances and frees the gifts of its recipient.

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