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Beatrice performs the kinesiological gems’ test on Paola.

Beatrice performs the kinesiological gems’ test on Paola.


The kinesiological test is a muscle test connecting you by resonance to the energy of the stones. Depending on your body’s reactions, we will identify the most suitable gems for you, i.e. the ones that will give you the energy you need to achieve your Essential Being; to fulfil the mission embodied along with your soul.

“Beatrice asked me to be the guinea pig for her experiment: she put several stones in my hand; I could not look at them so as not to be conditioned by their appearance. I listened to my body and was surprised by the strong forward imbalance caused by two gems; that’s why I decided to ask her to make a pendant and a ring for me. I wore them for three months and thanks to them I solved a problem with my digestive system that had been bothering me for years without a solution! Beatrice was also very surprised and pleased when I told her about it. Every now and then, she calls me to check that I am always well and energetically clean the stones to preserve their effectiveness.” Ida Manzardo.

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