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Network of neuronal cells.

Network of neuronal cells.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”, Albert Einstein.


I think that gems, thanks to the perfection of their crystal lattice, are energy accumulators and with their vibrations they harmonize the cells and water of the body by resonance.

I am going to tell you about the scientific clues I have gathered in my research path, which led me to propose and carry out the scientific experiment on the influence of gems on human cells with Prof. Claudia Dellavia (Professor of Anatomy at the University of Milan):

Professor Ernesto Burgio and Professor Bruce Lipton (‘The Biology of Beliefs’, Ed. Macro 2006), the fathers of epigenetics, have shown how the environment influences gene expression, so that human evolution is not inevitably written by our genes, but the environment and our choices are decisive for our evolution (emblematic, in this regard, is the experiment on mice affected by the genetic anomaly Agouti in Molecular and cellular biology 01.08.2003 Waterland and Jirtle).

Explanatory diagram of the experiment on how gene expression is conditioned in mice affected by the Agouti anomaly as a consequence of their diet.

We can choose to subject ourselves to the vibrational field of gems and observe its effect.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist and director of the IHM General Research Institute, has studied how water subjected to vibrations generated by positive words and music crystallizes in perfect and harmonic geometries. He illustrated how water is a vehicle of vibration, of energy. “Crystal is the manifestation of design in matter.” (“The miracle of water”, Ed. Il punto d’incontro.)

Ice crystal generated by subjecting water to the vibration of the word “love”, from “The Miracle of Water”, Masaru Emoto, Ed. Il punto d’incontro.

Water is the prevailing element of the human body and can be influenced by vibrations, including electromagnetic ones, produced by gemstones. 

James Gimzewski, professor of chemistry at UCLA, in collaboration with engineer John Stuart Reid (inventor of the Cymascope) has shown how the cells of the human body emit a sound and therefore a different vibration depending on whether they are healthy or sick (study carried out with a microscope and an atomic-tip microphone).

Healthy cells produce a rhythmic and harmonic sound; sick cells produce a cacophonic sound.

It is possible that the regularity of the crystalline lattice of the gemstones regulates the vibration of human cells.

Professor Carlo Ventura, a cardiologist at the University of Bologna, showed how a stem cell, being therefore undifferentiated, specializes in different ways according to the music, sounds and light and electromagnetic vibrations to which it is exposed.

It is likely that electromagnetic vibrations generated by gemstones also direct stem cell differentiation.

Cellular melodies: new perspectives in regenerative medicine”, Ted Ex Torino, February 2019, YouTube.


To date, there is no scientific publication that investigates the influence of gems on human cells, which is why I speak of “scientific clues” and I assume that sound waves have a behavior similar to electromagnetic waves.


Considering that when stones pass from a liquid to a solid state, they acquire a geometrically precise structure (crystal lattice) and become crystals;

Crystalline systems: characteristic internal symmetries.

that these crystals become energetic accumulators of both the vibrational and the energetic message of the Earth and the vibrational imprint of the people they come into contact with, and as such they transmit them back through the phenomenon of resonance.

Given that the human body is made up of more than 70% water, which is an excellent medium for transmitting vibrations (e.g. Masaru Emoto), and that cells change according to the vibrations to which they are exposed (as demonstrated by Prof. Carlo Ventura),

Collection and release of vibrational signatures to enable the engagement of undifferentiated stem cells towards targeted fates, Physical energies and stem cell stimulation, Facchin F. et al.

I think that they are modified in a harmonious way by the resonance of the vibrations released by the crystalline lattice of the stones (the spectroscopic analysis of a stone shows the frequencies of its components and thus its electromagnetic field).

Typical spectrum of a ruby, pink sapphire or purple.

I suppose this is the basis of effective lithotherapy, namely a medical practice adopted since antiquity in a similar way by different cultures, even very distant from each other (as illustrated below).

Gems, thanks to their crystalline lattice, are energy accumulators and their vibrations are transmitted by resonance to the cells and water of the human body (as demonstrated by the experiments conducted with Prof. Dellavia of the University of Milan and illustrated in “The Power of Gems”). If they are chosen correctly, they provide the human being with the vibration, the energy he lacks to fulfil his Essential Being: the mission chosen by the Soul when it was incarnated.

In the field of art, the sculptor Pinuccio Sciola

Sound vibrations of the stones by Pinuccio Sciola.

has enabled us to listen to the voice of stones; according to their formation and consequent molecular structure, they emit sounds characterized by specific wavelengths.

Sound stones by Pinuccio Sciola.

As Professor Masaru Emoto rightly mentions in ‘The Miracle of Water’, “the cells of each organ in the human body vibrate with a specific wavelength”, it is therefore possible to verify which stone has the right wavelength to influence the individual organ and through resonance stimulate the stem cells present in situ to regenerate the tissue of the organ itself.

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